​​​IT Recruitment
Getting It Right the first time  


With a growing number of businesses transitioning to remote operations or wanting to modernise their organisations with cloud-based tools, reliance on external IT support has never been greater than it has been in 2020.

While this highlights an industry that’s in excellent shape, for businesses that provide the full gamut of IT services - from help desk queries through to more complex digital solutions - the pressure to deliver is immense. And if under-resourced, there may be a strong sense of urgency to quickly expand their teams.

But when a hire is made based on panic, the result could be detrimental to both your business and your customer. And even if the candidate you’re considering is the most skilled individual in IT, when certain qualities are overlooked due to time constraints or you neglect to consider the bigger picture, you’ll likely experience short-term pain - not long-term gain.

So, what’s the best way to hire for your next IT role? As a recruitment agency that specialises in this sector, we share our top tips for getting your IT recruitment right the first time.

1.       Hire for culture. Always.

a.       Of course, it’s mandatory to ensure the person who’s providing advice to your clients is backed by the right technical skillset. But even if their role is primarily phone-based, it’s equally important that they’re the right cultural fit. If they can’t step in and support a colleague or accept assistance from others, the quality of the service you provide will suffer and so will your workplace culture. One way to ensure the right cultural fit is to utilise profiling tools during the recruitment process - Judgment Index is a great example as it assesses an individual’s judgment and values.

2.       Ask the right questions during reference checks.

a.       When you’re close to making an offer and are ready to conduct reference checks, it’s important to ask questions that focus less on the candidate’s technical ability and more on their experience with handling customer enquiries and issues. Ask for specific examples that demonstrate how the candidate handled a problem and if any customer feedback was shared – positive or negative.  

3.       Communication is key.

a.       Strong verbal and written communication skills are vital for anyone in a customer service role – and IT is no exception. While possessing the right technical skills is important for any IT professional, there’s little point asking an individual to join your business if they can’t accurately identify your customer’s problem or articulate their issue to others within your organisation. Effective communication is critical to the retention of your clients, so again it’s recommended that assessment tools and skills tests are used when evaluating the suitability of your candidates.

At Crisdale Recruitment Group, we have the experience and capability to support IT businesses that are wanting to hire for long-term success. We understand what matters most when it comes to sourcing the right people for your team, so contact us today and see how we can assist you with your IT recruitment needs - including assistance with the Judgement Index assessment.  

Words from our clients.

  • Angelina and her team have demonstrated a very high professional standard, helping execute our recruiting requirements seamlessly. Cosh Living would not hesitate in recommending Crisdale Recruiting for your recruiting requirements.
    Guy March
    National Sales Manager, Cosh Living
  • I have worked with Angelina over the past 6 years, (and her organisation recruited me to my current role). Angelina understands our business, and the calibre of people we are looking for. She always provides excellent support for her candidates, as well as in my recruitment needs. You couldn't find a more professional service.
    Vanessa Barlow
    Human Resources Manager
  • Thank you so much Angelina for helping us recruit our new lawyer into our team. In a very tight market you found us the right person for the position. Your commitment, communication, professionalism and delivery is greatly appreciated. Natasha and Justin, Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers
    Natasha Zupanov
    Owner, Peninsula Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Angelina at Crisdale Recruitment Group has been so kind, and their expertise in what they do has resulted in finding me a new position. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Crisdale Recruitment Group for all aspects of recruitment.
    Jill Gipson