Kimberley Stapleton

Kimberley Stapleton

Senior Recruitment Consultant

A passionate and accomplished recruiter, Kimberley specialises in recruiting corporate roles in finance, administration and IT. With a stellar reputation for her exceptional people-focused approach, Kimberley has a remarkable ability to connect the perfect candidate with the right job.

Kimberley boasts an impressive background in the recruitment industry. She has spent over a decade working in the corporate world of finance before transitioning to recruiting top talent in this field. Her deep understanding of the corporate landscape, combined with an extensive network of professionals, has made her a trusted and sought-after recruiter.

Kimberley’s expertise lies in identifying and acquiring top-tier talent, ensuring a seamless fit between candidates and organisations and driving long-term success for both parties.

FUN FACT: She loves discovering outstanding candidates – you can see her eyes light up when she stumbles upon a hidden gem in her vast talent pool.